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Dragonfly Beads
Dragonfly Beads

About Dragonfly Beads...

Hi ~ Welcome to Dragonfly Beads!  My name is Cheryl and I love beads! Unsure where to begin with my story, I will start with the beads and how they saved my life. I was first introduced to beads by my mother when I was recovering from cancer in my 30's, and beads took me from a place of feeling apathetic and sick to being excited about something again. I loved it instantly!!  "Beading is awesome! It's like little sculptures in your lap," and the rest is history.


From the small beginning of my lap, came a brick and mortar bead store in my hometown Casper, Wyoming. For 10 years I raised my kids, ran my business, attended art shows, taught classes, and traveled all over Wyoming sharing with folks what I love. 


I had to learn a new way of life along the way - one of organic eating, how important regular exercise is to the body and spirit, and how being one with the Earth and our management of it is the only way to a healthy life. You'll see my tendency toward natural living reflected in my stylings, my beads, my artwork. It's my hope that along the way some of my lifestyle leaves and impression on you because I truly believe the healthiest life possible is one that leaves a small footprint. 


And here I am! Wait, how did I get in Phoenix?! It's a long story and one I will surely share if you're interested enough to write and ask.  In the meantime share in some of the joy of my life - my beads and my beadwork - and take with you my spirit of survival and some the happiness I derive from my art.


Questions, comments, rantings?!  Message me and I will be so happy to write back and answer whatever I can for you.