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Dragonfly Beads
Dragonfly Beads


I use the beads I sell!  And, when I get to actually create with  my beads these are some of the things I have made.  I love natural elements like ceramic, wood, bone, horn, stone, leather, and hemp.  I also enjoy off loom weaving and you will see me bounce between very casual items as well as complex off loom woven beadwork.  I hope you enjoy! 


I do sell my work and if you are interested, you can see my current seletion at my Etsy store.  I also instruct advanced beadwork classes as well as make repairs to complex pieces.  If you have interest in my fees for either, please contact me.  I assure you, my fees are reasonable. 

The Legal Stuff:  My designs are original and readily identifiable as mine.  I reserve any and all rights to my own work.  Do not copy my designs.  If you are interested in my teaching my designs or using them in any way, for a fee you may license my design for a period of time.  If I find my designs being used without my consent, you will be contacted by my attorney after the discovery of same.