Art Through Adversity

My passion in art school was two dimensional studio art - painting, drawing, murals! I never thought to create jewelry. I had big plans for my art degree as an Art Therapist! Life gets in the way and I ended up with cancer all through my 20's and very sick. In my mid-30's, I went through cancer treatment and a few basic beading classes to keep myself busy while recovering. I immediately took to it! It reminded me of sculpture and I could do it in my lap - best of both worlds! As I recovered, I sold my jewelry and not long after opened a bead store that kept me busy while I raised my kids for 10 years.

I moved to Arizona 6 years ago and closed my brick and mortar store for the time being (big sad face), but once again life got in the way and I'm back in Wyoming!  I have a working studio now and welcome the public 4 days a week.  I also instruct the mentally and physically handicapped create beautiful jewelry as a volunteer.  I volunteer as an art teacher at the local elementary school.  I've added some national retail shows to my schedule.  I sell online, create and sell jewelry, teach advanced beading classes, work with the public and just generally do what an artist does and I love it!

I hope you enjoy the passion and energy that goes into everything I create.